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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S04E10 “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack”

Ah yes, the infamous “Pepe Silvia” episode, a classic. First of all, Dennis dismissing Dee after she has a heart attack is absolutely hilarious. Makes me crack up every time.

Dennis returning to the spin instructor’s class with the Steve Winwood CD is another classic moment. It’s perfect Dennis.

The part where Charlie goes off about Pepe Silvia is one of those things everyone always quotes. It is funny, but come on, this show is very quotable, we don’t need to focus on this one.


Score: ***** (5 stars)

Red Dwarf S03E04 “Body Double

An okay episode overall.  A- set-up but then it falls flat, still had enough funny moments for a C+ rating overall from me.


Lister accidentally activates the self-destruct mechanism when trying to get a drink, which was pretty funny. Must be made by Microsoft. They have to do a body-swap to fix it, and Lister’s voice is replaced by Carol Brown’s, because they put her mind in his. Seemed like a complicated way to introduce the plot — why not just go straight to the meat of the episode? And why would their voices change? Voices aren’t caused by the mind, they come from the physical body, but I guess I shouldn’t be expecting logic in this show.

Ha! Major head-fake! There is no self-destruct mechanism! Though the computer said that she didn’t tell them there was no bomb because they didn’t ask, but they specifically asked what the possible results were and she said the bomb was going to explode.

Rimmer talking about getting fat cracked me up too. What does he know about it though? He’s skinny as shit. Anyway, the body-swapping leads to inevitable complications, which are the humor of the episode.

There was a lot of really funny parts near the beginning, but the episode kind of fell flat and the ending was dreadful.