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Violent Femmes 1981 album “Violent Femmes”

Here’s a classic, and my favorite album of all time to kick off this blog’s new music review feature. Obviously, I give this a rating of Super A+ Mega-Awesome. Slant Magazine called it the 21st best album of the 1980s, which only goes to show that Slant Magazine has no idea what good music is — I’m sorry, I like pop music, and I even like Madonna (80s-era Madonna, obviously) but Like a Prayer is absolutely not better than Violent Femmes. That’s insane. I mean, okay, The Queen Is Dead is classic and if you were a British loser, that album probably speaks to you more than Violent Femmes (I, on the other hand, am an American loser, so The Smiths are nice, but they’re no Femmes), but Like a Prayer?!  and their best album of the entire decade was freakin’ Thriller!

Okay, but back to the Violent Femmes. We could spend all day listing performers who aren’t as good as them.

There are ten songs on Violent Femmes, each one an utter classic and a gem. They’re each in competition to be one of my favorite songs of all time. Later editions on CD also include two extra songs, “Ugly” and “Gimme the Car” which are also excellent, but I don’t include them in the canonical version of this album.

1. Blister in the Sun 2:25
2. “Kiss Off” 2:56
3. “Please Do Not Go” 4:15
4. Add It Up 4:44
5. “Confessions” 5:32
Side two
No. Title Length
6. “Prove My Love” 2:39
7. “Promise” 2:49
8. “To the Kill” 4:01
9. Gone Daddy Gone 3:06
10. “Good Feeling” 3:52

They are all written by Gordon Gano, though “Gone Daddy Gone” also gave credit to blues legend Willie Dixon, whose lyrics were, in part, borrowed for that song.