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Rediscovering the joys of an old glass piece

I really enjoy it when I haven’t used a particular piece in awhile, and then I get it good and clean, and I remember why I liked it in the first place. I have a glass straight pipe that had just been sitting around for months, maybe a year since I last used it. On a whim I cleaned it real good with some gunk remover, and I’ve been smoking it all day. I forgot how good it smokes and how nicely it works, goes right out when I stop smoking it, sits right there waiting for me to finish what I’m doing…

For the record, I used Formula 420, but I don’t recommend it. It’s just not as effective as other stuff I’ve used, and it’s kind of messy. I think I used to have this stuff called “Gunk Remover” or something like that, doesn’t appear to be on Amazon anymore — that stuff was excellent. Formula 420 is a good deal and I’ll use up what I’ve got, but it’s crap.


It looks like legalization in Massachusetts is being considered. It’s has a reputation for being so liberal you might forget weed is still illegal there, but Massachusetts is not that left-wing in a lot of ways. Anyway the Boston Globe says legalization is moving forward, though Republican Governor Charlie Baker opposes it.


Obviously that’s because Baker is a small government conservative. Presumably meaning he supports a government small enough to inspect your lungs.

Howdy folks, marijuana purity testing

Welcome to the Cannabismuth blog, which will cover all the most important developments in marijuana, hemp, drug law reform and maybe even bismuth (the hippest pentavalent post-transition metal around!).

I don’t like to mess around, so I’m going to get right down to business and share a link.


NPR reports that some legal weed available in Colorado or Washington have been found to be contaminated with butane. There’s also some scare-mongering about fungus, but that appears to be sensationalism on NPR’s part. Butane is not good though.