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Smoking in public?

Is it wrong to smoke marijuana in public? NPR investigates

I think the same rules should apply to marijuana as to tobacco. Anywhere smoking cigarettes is banned, smoking marijuana, in any form, should also be banned (with the exception, on both the tobacco and marijuana side of things, of vaporizing, which doesn’t have a smell and is therefore acceptable anywhere but formal occasions). That just seems like common-sense to me.

So do people avoid smoking cigarettes outside or get a ticket? No, then marijuana shouldn’t be treated any differently. If you’re in a downtown city — which seems to be the context of the NPR piece — you are inhaling smog, cigarette smoke, probably some radon, leaking gas and god only knows what emanating from the industrial district. Marijuana smoke is probably about the healthiest contaminant you are inhaling. Just get over yourself.

Just kidding, Seattleites, I know you are incapable of getting over yourselves.

Happy 420!!!!

Have a merry 4/20 everybody! It’s the international day of weed, and my own just-published book of marijuana etiquette is free for today and the next couple of days! This is an incredibly useful tome for non-smokers and light smokers who don’t want to embarrass themselves because they don’t know enough about cannabis politeness rules.

I also want to say that it sucks that today is the anniversary of the Columbine shooting and Hitler’s birthday. It’s also the anniversary of the French Revolutionary Wars, the creation of Wisconsin Territory and the dissolution of the League of Nations. Obviously, I got this stuff from Wikipedia.

Weed Weddings!

Here’s an article about marijuana-themed weddings, entitled “Yes, We Cannabis” — ha! Good pun, PQ Monthly.

First of all, I don’t intend to get married. Marriage is for suckers, and in any case, I’m single and likely to remain more or less unencumbered for the foreseeable future.

With that said, I do like the idea of weed wedding. Of course, it “begs the question” (in quotes because I know full well that that isn’t how that idiom is supposed to be used) of how non-smokers are supposed to act. That seems like a difficult  and thorny issue, but it isn’t really: the vast majority of weddings now include alcohol, and some people don’t drink that. So if you are not a smoker and you are invited to a weed wedding, by all means, feel free to say no. That leaves more conubial cannabis for the rest of us.