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12 Rules for Stoner Etiquette

These rules came from a book called Pot Culture by Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom. It’s a good book, and I recommend it — at least for those of who have already read my book of stoner etiquette.

1) Always Share: Good advice IMHO. If at all possible, you should always have weed of your own — even if it’s only a little shake, it’s good to show that you care about etiquette.

2) Be Prepared: Break up your buds! Tons of smokers just smoke a bud and think that’ll be okay. But you are wasting a huge amount of weed, and making it more difficult to smoke. Ideally use a grinder, or at least your fingers, to break it up!

3) Pass to the Left: Pass the dutchie on the left-hand side (yes, I know weed is not what that kid was singing about).

4) Offer to a Friend First: Good advice for most anything. Always offer to give somebody else the first toke/bite/drink/screw.

5) Know the Pot’s Potency: Nothing will ruin a group’s high like one person having a bad trip on strong weed. Tell newbies when it’s powerful stuff.

6) Puff Puff Pass is OK: Do not hang out gesticulating with a lit joint! It’s rude and wasteful!

7) If You Don’t Have Weed of Your Own, Ask Politely: It’s just rude to jump in a circle without being invited.

8) Don’t Scorch the Bowl: Everybody likes the green, so don’t take it all. Leave a bit for the next guy if possible.

9) Flush the Toilet: Clear the bong when you have finished your weed, so the next smoker doesn’t get a bong full of smoke.

10) Give the Tobacco Warning: A lot of people have quit smoking tobacco, so if you mix it with your weed, give a warning.

11) Watch the Spit: The book Pot Culture recommends using your fingers as a barrier between your mouth and the bowl. This seems ridiculous to me, just don’t slobber all over it. There’s no way the finger thing would work anyway — if you have germs in your spit, they can fit through your fingers. Germs are very small.

12) Keep it Clean: Change your bong water, clean your pipe, etc.

13) Don’t Pocket Someone Else’s Lighter: Another good rule, it’s easy to accidentally pocket a light when smoking. Don’t be that guy.

Marijuana and technology

Here’s an interesting article about the effects legalized marijuana has had on agriculture, specifically in agricultural technology. I think it’s intriguing to speculate about where we’d be in terms of agriculture if marijuana had never been illegal.

Of course the benefits won’t be limited to marijuana:

These tools will benefit more than marijuana growers alone: Industrial food producers and tree growers could adapt the same technologies to cut energy costs and boost their crops. Operators of large buildings could use the systems to lower their electricity use.

Morgan Freeman interview

If you haven’t seen the Morgan Freeman interview about weed, you are obviously dead (in which case you’re not the target market for this blog) because it’s all the Internet seems to be talking about today.

Not that it’s a bad interview, it is interesting, even if it comes from People, a magazine whose journalist expertise leaves something to be desired.


The 77-year-old Oscar winner, well known for his deep, mellow voice, spoke candidly about his own marijuana use during an interview with The Daily Beast last week.


Thank goodness we all remember his voice. It has great relevance to his significance and his thoughts on marijuana. Good job choosing the important details, People (that’s directed at People magazine, not all people).

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway is that Morgan Freeman snorts weed. Is that a black people thing? If so, I look forward to whitey co-opting that so I can try it.