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Fun new fact about bismuth: It’s been used as a nontoxic replacement for lead in bullets because it is ballistically similar.


Huzzah for bismuth!

75 Rules of Etiquette

Here’s a fantastic list of 75 rules of stoner etiquette from reddit

Not all of them I agree with, especially near the end. But there are some good ones on the list you don’t normally see in these kinds of guides. So to highlight some good points:


Try not to kill the mood by bring up some disturbing or arbitrary topic like the mortality rates of curtain cancer patients- remember some people get paranoid and this will make them potentially freak out.

never ask where a dealer gets his supply-it makes you look sketchy as fuck.

pets are fun, stoned pets are more fun, but don’t be a jack ass and get someone else’s pet high with out asking, the pet could have something wrong with it and shouldn’t be around smoke.

how to legally buy weed?

It doesn’t seem like this is the kind of thing we need an article on. In states where it is legal, how do you buy weed?

Well, after sacrificing a goat to the cannabis-gods, you must then perform the supplication dance correctly, being sure to align your chakras with the passage of the sun-

Oh wait, nevermind, I misunderstood the question. It’s a store. You just go in and buy stuff.