Monthly Archives: December 2015

Bismuth Could Stop Farts From Smelling, If Someone Could Make It Safe

Ha, apparently bismuth has yet another new use — is there anything this heavy metal can’t do?!

The bismuth-infused homogenates gave off far less hydrogen sulfide—the gas we associate with the smell of rotten eggs, geysers, and “breaking wind.” And when we say “far less,” we mean over 95% reduction in “fecal hydrogen sulfide release.”

The future of science is amazing! And it smells great!

The Official Rules to ‘Shotgun!’

You know you want it, you’ve been begging for it! Finally, a way to solve disputes over the official rules to the game Shotgun! When you and your friends are looking for a way to decide who sits in the front seat of a car, you’re going to need an official, unbiased rulebook, and finally, here it is! It’s available for free through Kindle Unlimited! It costs less than a dollar to own your own copy!


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