12 Rules for Stoner Etiquette

These rules came from a book called Pot Culture by Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom. It’s a good book, and I recommend it — at least for those of who have already read my book of stoner etiquette.

1) Always Share: Good advice IMHO. If at all possible, you should always have weed of your own — even if it’s only a little shake, it’s good to show that you care about etiquette.

2) Be Prepared: Break up your buds! Tons of smokers just smoke a bud and think that’ll be okay. But you are wasting a huge amount of weed, and making it more difficult to smoke. Ideally use a grinder, or at least your fingers, to break it up!

3) Pass to the Left: Pass the dutchie on the left-hand side (yes, I know weed is not what that kid was singing about).

4) Offer to a Friend First: Good advice for most anything. Always offer to give somebody else the first toke/bite/drink/screw.

5) Know the Pot’s Potency: Nothing will ruin a group’s high like one person having a bad trip on strong weed. Tell newbies when it’s powerful stuff.

6) Puff Puff Pass is OK: Do not hang out gesticulating with a lit joint! It’s rude and wasteful!

7) If You Don’t Have Weed of Your Own, Ask Politely: It’s just rude to jump in a circle without being invited.

8) Don’t Scorch the Bowl: Everybody likes the green, so don’t take it all. Leave a bit for the next guy if possible.

9) Flush the Toilet: Clear the bong when you have finished your weed, so the next smoker doesn’t get a bong full of smoke.

10) Give the Tobacco Warning: A lot of people have quit smoking tobacco, so if you mix it with your weed, give a warning.

11) Watch the Spit: The book Pot Culture recommends using your fingers as a barrier between your mouth and the bowl. This seems ridiculous to me, just don’t slobber all over it. There’s no way the finger thing would work anyway — if you have germs in your spit, they can fit through your fingers. Germs are very small.

12) Keep it Clean: Change your bong water, clean your pipe, etc.

13) Don’t Pocket Someone Else’s Lighter: Another good rule, it’s easy to accidentally pocket a light when smoking. Don’t be that guy.

2 thoughts on “12 Rules for Stoner Etiquette

  1. People who don’t obey #8 are the worst… sitting there watching them just scorching the bowl down to ashes in one hit. C’mon man I just packed that…

    1. Agreed, some people have not a single little bit of couth! When I’m smoking by myself, I love trying to preserve greens for as long as possible.

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