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Here’s some “stoner superstitions” from Leafly. I’ve never heard of the “white lighter” one:

Smoking cannabis with one carries extremely negative vibes. The bad juju can lead to broken bongs, getting busted, or even having your grow ruined by weather. Avoid using a white lighter to smoke cannabis at all costs or suffer certain catastrophe.

When I was in high school, people said that some color lighter meant you were gay. I don’t remember which color (maybe red?). Anyway, this just seems like fleeting rumor, not a real superstition. But we shall see whether people are still talking about it in a few years.

Also, the idea that you should punch people who cough on a hit is stupid. Aside from being mean and needlessly violent, coughing is a good thing; it gets you higher. No one should be punished for that.


Smoking necessities?

Here’s a supposed list of 9 smoking necessities! Most of them are silly nonsense, it’s just a listicle, but it’s worthwhile to highlight one thing in particular: a grinder!


A grinder is definitely a go-to stoner tool because it makes for easier, quicker smoking. You place your bud in the top of the grinder – the lid and the bottom of the top chamber have teeth and this is what grinds up the weed – put the lid back on. In just a quick few seconds of grinding, you have perfectly ground-up cannabis that can be used to roll a blunt or a joint, or pack a bowl of fresh greens.

There are metal grinders that are magnetic so you don’t actually have to screw the lid on, and you can twist the lid both ways to grind up the buds. Most of the better metal grinders have 3 units; the top part grinds the bud, the middle section stores the ground greens, and in the bottom, a screen catches and collects kief that falls from the buds when it gets ground up.

One of the few pieces of specialized weed equipment that I wholeheartedly endorse. I don’t know how I smoked weed before I had one.

pass to the left

Is this a real rule? What do you think? I say no, there’s not really any reason to follow it. It’s just tradition. If it makes you happy, then you should always pass to the left. Otherwise don’t worry about it.

For the record that “Pass the dutchie to the left-hand side” song does not have anything directly to do with weed. The “dutchie” is a cooking vessel, like a Dutch oven. The singer is suggesting you share your food (to the left). It is, however, a cover of a song about weed, but the band, Musical Youth, was a pop group, so they removed any reference to marijuana and made it a song about food.

Also, when you’re in a car, you should pass to the right, such that the person in the driver’s seat passes behind him and the driver receives it from the person in the front passenger seat. That’s because it is easier for the driver to receive it from someone he can see. I am not endorsing smoking while you drive. This is how you should do it when you are sitting in a parked car.

Buying weed illegally

Here’s an article from Ladybud with some great tips on buying weed in states where it is still illegal.

I want to bring attention to one rule in particular:

Plan carefully and be clear with your source. Ensure they know exactly what amount you intend to purchase, either by weight or monetary worth. Also be specific if there is a choice of strain.

That’s because this is important, and a lot of people forget it. They’ll say “oh, okay, here’s some weed, hand over the cash” as though this is a movie and you can just glide over the details like how much weed you’re getting, how good it is, etc. You need to actually talk over the transaction before you do it.

Good luck, and be sure to read the whole article if there’s any change you’re going to buy weed in an illegal state anytime soon.

Puff, Puff, Pass

Should you always follow the “puff, puff, pass” rule? I say it’s not a rule so much as a guideline, and I endorse the views presented here in Dear Stoner.

The basic rule: No more than two hits (a small third hit is acceptable the first go-round if you pretend to be intrigued by the taste) if you’re in a circle of people you don’t know. The joint is a privilege for everyone, and you should share accordingly. If you’re with one or two friends, four or five hits is usually fine, but nobody likes the storyteller who thinks his tale about almost getting in a fight last Friday means he can smoke half the blunt while he’s telling it. Some people like to hear the sound of their own voices when there’s pot in their hands; try not to be that person.


Here’s a rule that often gets ignored: when you’re invited to smoke, Bring Your Own Weed. It’s just polite. Obviously if you don’t have any, that’s fine, but you should apologize for not providing any. If you do have weed and you simply choose not to smoke it with your friends, that is not fine at all.


We all know weed can be expensive, especially if you aren’t smoking alone. You can burn through weed pretty quickly between a group of people. To be fair, bring your own stash or money to contribute. Even if someone else has plenty, it’s polite to bring something to the table. Sharing is caring!

Puff, Puff, Pass: Stoner Etiquette Around The Globe


75 Rules of Etiquette

Here’s a fantastic list of 75 rules of stoner etiquette from reddit

Not all of them I agree with, especially near the end. But there are some good ones on the list you don’t normally see in these kinds of guides. So to highlight some good points:


Try not to kill the mood by bring up some disturbing or arbitrary topic like the mortality rates of curtain cancer patients- remember some people get paranoid and this will make them potentially freak out.

never ask where a dealer gets his supply-it makes you look sketchy as fuck.

pets are fun, stoned pets are more fun, but don’t be a jack ass and get someone else’s pet high with out asking, the pet could have something wrong with it and shouldn’t be around smoke.

Things to Do When You’re High

TheStranger.com has a list of things to do when you’re high. Hardly breaking new ground, but it’s some ideas (very specific to DC, but don’t worry, your city probably has rough equivalents).

It’s subtitled “Yes to Equal Rights, No to Shrimp Chips”. I’m almost frightened to read on and find out what shrimp chips are… I had squid jerky once, that was disgusting.

Morgan Freeman interview

If you haven’t seen the Morgan Freeman interview about weed, you are obviously dead (in which case you’re not the target market for this blog) because it’s all the Internet seems to be talking about today.

Not that it’s a bad interview, it is interesting, even if it comes from People, a magazine whose journalist expertise leaves something to be desired.


The 77-year-old Oscar winner, well known for his deep, mellow voice, spoke candidly about his own marijuana use during an interview with The Daily Beast last week.


Thank goodness we all remember his voice. It has great relevance to his significance and his thoughts on marijuana. Good job choosing the important details, People (that’s directed at People magazine, not all people).

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway is that Morgan Freeman snorts weed. Is that a black people thing? If so, I look forward to whitey co-opting that so I can try it.